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“We can only imagine how government ministers would give official statements saying that instead of investing in war, investments will be made to promote joint ventures of social welfare, education, environment and many more”. Heinrich Boell Foundation’s partner Itach Maaki – Women Lawyers for Social Justice has been working to promote such a vision for the past years.  Adv. Anat Thon Ashkenazi analyses how UNSCR 1325 on Women Peace and Security is relevant to the current situation in Palestine and Israel. 

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The Board and Secretariat of the Green Climate Fund have made some progress in implementing the Fund's promise for a gender-sensitive approach to its funding. A stock-taking after the recent 7th GCF Board Meeting reveals that there are perils to the full operationalization of the Fund's gender mandate and that some provisions and decisions supporting gender in the GCF should be prioritized in the next few Board meetings.

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Officially there are no legal obstacles to women participating in politics in Afghanistan. However, only one woman is registered as a presidential candidate among many men, making discrimination against women in Afghan politics obvious.


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Over the past few decades, the EU has made progress in terms of gender equality, but many challenges remain. The next European elections will show whether the “Gender equality project Europe” can be continued and improved or whether the majority of the conservative or right-wing populist to radical right-wing forces, who oppose emancipative gender equality policy, gain the upper hand.

International Gender Politics

Part of the cover of the publication "Eye on the Money: Women and Government Priorities in South Africa"

This review of the national budget for 2014, as delivered by finance minister Pravin Gordhan on 26 February 2014, gauges the extent to which government invests in what it has identified as priorities for the country and assesses the impact of government spending choices for the 2014/15 financial on women.

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Simia Ramish is a civil rights activist and journalist. As a candidate in the Herat provincial council election she aims to play an active role in politics. In this interview she explains her goals and wishes for Afghanistan.


The sterilization of women without their consent remains a persistent problem for public health systems worldwide. Public health administrators and justice systems have yet to learn the lessons of such abuses.

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Despite South Africa’s Constitution of 1996 being considered one of the most advanced worldwide, the LGBTI community in South Africa faces violence, harassment, intimidation and hate crimes. With numerous projects, the Heinrich Böll Foundation seeks to improve the situation of the LGBTI community in South Africa.

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The EU-funded project “Coming out! Advocating promotion and protection of LGBT rights” was launched in 2013 by the regional office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Sarajevo Open Center and the CURE Foundation. The cooperators intent to raise awareness of LGBT issues and to combat homophobia. Lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgender individuals (LGBT) are among the groups which are particularly subjected to discrimination in Bosnia-Herzegovina and virtually invisible in society.

Peace & Security

Former Child Soldier in a tent of Gulu Support the Children Organisation (GUSCO)n Organisation (GUSCO)

Sexual violence against girls and boys within the context of armed conflict - Report on an expert panel and film screening from December 10, 2013


Kosovar refugees fleeing their homeland.

The media take on a key role during wars and in their aftermath. This holds true, on the one hand, for war propaganda, which legitimises violence and builds public approval for belligerent acts. At the other end of the scale, radio, television, newspapers and social media condemn war-related violence and help build peace. Media coverage of sexualised war-related violence falls somewhere between these two conflicting priorities.

Feminism & Gender Democracy

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Over 80% of the Kenyan population, especially living in rural areas, derives their livelihoods mainly from agricultural related activities. In Kenya there are serious food insecurity problems which are due to several different factors.

These tenets should be understood as both a social-policy vision and an organizational principle. Gender democracy is a normative concept that postulates equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal access by men and women to economic resources and political power. Such participation is the precondition for change and for the transformation of unjust and gender-inequitable conditions. 


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The European Parliament Resolution on Undocumented Women and the EU Elections - As Europe prepares to go the polls this month to elect its representatives for the 2014-2019 European Parliament, we invite you to take a deeper look into the recently passed European Parliament Resolution on Undocumented Migrant Women in the EU.

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Gender-based violence in Europe’s fight against irregular migration Gender-based discrimination augments migrant women’s susceptibility to violence and when combined with an irregular status, contributes to a worrying culture of impunity within the EU.