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Carolin Ausserer interviews Catherine Hoskyns on unpaid work.

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Carolin Ausserer interviews Mariann Dósa from Hungary on the representation and inclusion of poor women and dismissed groups.

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The 21st century has inherited the unfinished agenda of globalising democracy in a more vibrant form. After 65 years of freedom and democracy, India’s democratic structures continue to be restricted by their patriarchal foundations.


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Over the past few decades, the EU has made progress in terms of gender equality, but many challenges remain. The next European elections will show whether the “Gender equality project Europe” can be continued and improved or whether the majority of the conservative or right-wing populist to radical right-wing forces, who oppose emancipative gender equality policy, gain the upper hand.

International Gender Politics

Protesters against 377 wearing silver masks in Delhi

11.12.13 will be remembered as a Black Day in India for criminalizing homosexuality once again after four years. The Supreme Court of India overturned a historic ruling of 2009 by the Delhi High Court, which legalised homosexual intercourse for the first time in India.

Protesters seeking justice for rape victim

Two young women, in India and in South Africa, were brutally gang-raped and murdered: "Nirbhaya" in New Delhi (16th Dec, 2012), and Anene Booysen in Bredasdorp, in the Western Cape, South Africa (2nd Feb, 2013). Their cases received unprecedented attention, nationally and internationally.

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On January 28, 2014, Naji al-Dahdah, a magistrate in Jdeideh el-Metn, Lebanon, issued a ruling acquitting a transexual individual accused of engaging in sexual relations with men. The ruling carries great significance, not just for the legal status of transexuals, but also because of its implications for interpreting Article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code.

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The Afghan Women's Network (AWN) has launched the "women visioning 2024" paper. It is a very personal account of achievements women have made over the last decade and they have lined out how the transformation decade beyond 2014 should look like for Afghan women.

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On November 7, 2013, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that homosexual asylum seekers who are subject to criminal prosecution in their home countries be granted asylum in EU Member States. An important judgment that is, however, a drop in the ocean in the light of the EU’s policy of closure with regard to asylum and refugee policy.

Peace & Security

Former Child Soldier in a tent of Gulu Support the Children Organisation (GUSCO)n Organisation (GUSCO)

Sexual violence against girls and boys within the context of armed conflict - Report on an expert panel and film screening from December 10, 2013


Kosovar refugees fleeing their homeland.

The media take on a key role during wars and in their aftermath. This holds true, on the one hand, for war propaganda, which legitimises violence and builds public approval for belligerent acts. At the other end of the scale, radio, television, newspapers and social media condemn war-related violence and help build peace. Media coverage of sexualised war-related violence falls somewhere between these two conflicting priorities.

Feminism & Gender Democracy

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Over 80% of the Kenyan population, especially living in rural areas, derives their livelihoods mainly from agricultural related activities. In Kenya there are serious food insecurity problems which are due to several different factors.

These tenets should be understood as both a social-policy vision and an organizational principle. Gender democracy is a normative concept that postulates equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal access by men and women to economic resources and political power. Such participation is the precondition for change and for the transformation of unjust and gender-inequitable conditions. 


Old Women

The Gender Pay Gap also affects pensioners. The European Commission found that, among European pensioners aged over 65, women received on average € 886 per month compared with €1447 for men, i.e. a 39% gap.


In her article „Mainstreaming gender in the EU in times of crisis: scholarly developments and policy challenges” published in Perspectives on Europe, Council for European Studies at Columbia University, Spring 2013, Emanuela Lombardo argues that although the European Union has officially committed to mainstream gender into all its policies since the 1990s, the implementation of gender mainstreaming has been “problematic or ineffective”.