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Team of the GWIThe Team of the Gunda-Werner-Institute (f.l.t.r): Christiane Bornstedt, Henning von Bargen, Christine Weiß, Ines Kappert, Francesca Schmidt und Susanne Diehr. Photo: Stephan Röhl. Creative Commons License LogoThis image is licensed under Creative Commons License.


Working Hand in Hand

The Gunda Werner Institute for feminism and gender democracy is still a very young institute of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. It emerged from the former Feminist Institute and the Joint Taskforce for Gender Democracy at the Heinrich Boell Foundation, which were united in 2007. We merged to combine our forces, achieve new synergies and to develop new political perspectives together. more»

Together our work will be even more distinctive.

We want to

  • offensively politicise gender issues 
  • critically reflect feminist and gender democratic approaches
  • globally promote women's rights as human rights and participation
  • support and expand networks, enlarge a virtual knowledge portal
  • initiate discourses between science, politics and civil society
  • actively impart gender expertise by means of consulting 

Mission statement – The Heinrich Böll Foundation’s gender-democratic principles

These tenets should be understood as both a social-policy vision and an organizational principle. Gender democracy is a normative concept that postulates equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal access by men and women to economic resources and political power. Such participation is the precondition for change and for the transformation of unjust and gender-inequitable conditions. 

Feminism at the Heinrich Böll Foundation

Feminist policies have a long and diverse tradition at the Heinrich Böll Foundation. This is also clear from the foundation's history. The Heinrich Böll Foundation emerged out of the unification of three organisations: a feminist foundation called FrauenAnstiftung, Länderstiftungen Buntstift e.V. which was linked to the green party, and the original Heinrich Böll Foundation from Cologne which was responsible for managing Heinrich Böll’s estate.

Gender Democracy

Gender democracy aims to establish democracy between men and women. It then goes beyond formal equality and although it means recognising difference, it aims to ensure that equal rights and opportunities are nonetheless open to all.

GWI Publications

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Women’s bodies have regularly been – and still are – the central target of conservative and fundamentalist ideology and praxis. This essay provides analytical background information for critical and controversial debates and motivation to explore political intervention.

Gender, Scientificness and Ideology


Who uses the term "gender" is often confronted with the charge of a principal unscientific. The brochure follows this allegation and provides you with arguments for such disputes.

Transitional Justice

In post-war periods and in the aftermath of serious, systematic human rights violations, gender-based forms of violence are usually forgotten during the processing of the past and reconciliation phase. This study details these problems and presents the resulting challenges facing politicians and society.

Human Security = Women’s Security?


No sustainable security policy without a gender perspective. Documentation of a conference of the Feminist Institute and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in cooperation with the Women's Security Council on October 24-25, 2003 in Berlin. Publication Series of the Gunda Werner Institute, Vol. 2, second edition, Berlin 2007.

Peace and Security for All


Feminist Positions and Perspectives on Peace and Security Policy. In this publication the Gunda Werner Institute presents a detailed position paper to contribute to the international debate on peace and security policy. S. Publication series of the Gunda Werner Institute, Volume 6, March 2010.

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