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A feminist critique of the atomic bomb

Weapons prevent war. So goes the “realist” discourse about nuclear weapons. A feminist analysis helps to understand how nuclear weapons are a patriarchal tool, and how it benefits the patriarchy to advocate for their continued existence in the arsenals of a few selected governments.

By Ray Acheson

The New Law is Here, What are the Effects

Violence Against Women in Serbia

What has the new Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence introduced, and what should be amended or altered in this document?

By Tanja Ignjatović

Numbers Speak

Violence Against Women in Serbia

The number of reported cases of violence against women is increasing. In 2016 the number of reports was 24 percent higher compared to 2015, which is as much as 57.8 percent higher compared to 2014.

By Tanja Ignjatović

Violence – An Issue and Why it is One

Violence Against Women in Serbia

Why violence against women concerns all of us. During the last several years, violence against women has become a recurring subject in Serbian media - but there are serious problems in the reporing of it.

By Tamara Skrozza

Syria: Systematic Torture and Sexualized Violence


Torture and sexualized violence are part of everyday life in Syrian prisons. However, human rights violations committed by the Assad regime play no role at the Geneva peace talks. With this in mind, Barbara Unmüßig, calls for women to be included as peace negotiators.

By Barbara Unmüßig

“Peace for Men Doesn’t Always Equal Peace for Women”

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the Gunda-Werner-Institute and its partners organized two panel discussions on strengthening accountability for gender-based crimes in armed conflicts. On this occasion, several international experts and activists discussed the current situation in Colombia, continued barriers to justice and cautious hopes for a more peaceful future.  

By Florian Kommer

Women in Armed Conflicts – Prosecuting Sexual and Gender based Crimes

In the context of the Beijing +20 Review, the Gunda-Werner Institute and the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) hosted an event focused on the achievements and remaining gaps with regard to one of the critical areas mentioned in the Beijing Platform for Action: Women in Armed Conflicts.

By Gitti Hentschel

Sexualized violence in the context of wars

In zones of conflict and/or war sexualized violence is employed as a notably perfidious strategic means to intimidate, humiliate and destroy the adversary. Gitti Hentschel gives a detailed analysis of this war crime and formulates strategies, as well as measures to fight sexualized violence.

By Gitti Hentschel

Can we avoid the next war in Gaza?

Heinrich Boell Foundation’s partner Itach Maaki – Women Lawyers for Social Justice has been working to promote such a vision for the past years.  Adv. Anat Thon Ashkenazi analyses how UNSCR 1325 on Women Peace and Security is relevant to the current situation in Palestine and Israel. 

By Anat Thon-Ashkenazy

Innocence under fire

Sexual violence against girls and boys within the context of armed conflict - Report on an expert panel and film screening from December 10, 2013


By Nicola Popovic

War in the focus of the media

The media take on a key role during wars and in their aftermath. This holds true, on the one hand, for war propaganda, which legitimises violence and builds public approval for belligerent acts. At the other end of the scale, radio, television, newspapers and social media condemn war-related violence and help build peace. Media coverage of sexualised war-related violence falls somewhere between these two conflicting priorities.

By Dr. Rita Schäfer

Syria: Rape as a weapon of war

In wars, rape has been used as a tool to go beyond the physical and military defeat of the enemy, to subdue a society politically and morally. The present article, written by psycho-therapist Dr. Jamal Khalil Sobh, sheds light on the repeated war crime of rapes of women, including the recent tragic incidents in Syria.

By Jamal Khalil Sobh