Feminism & Gender Democracy

Gender is Happening. Creator: Alex Giegold. All rights reserved.

With varied political perspectives and personal experiences, the Gunda Werner Institute seeks unifying answers to the remaining unsolved questions of gender justice.


Nomarussia Bonase was born in 1966 in Apartheid South Africa. Early on, her struggle for equal rights begins. Later she joins the Khulumani Support Group founded by women. A portrait of the winner of the Anne-Klein-Women’s-Award 2017.

Dédé Oetomo stressed that the focus on LGBT issues in Indonesia is due to an increased level of intolerance and homo- and transphobia in recent months. In spite of these worrisome trends, Dédé Oetomo remains optimistic that Indonesian society has come a long way in terms of organizing around LGBT issues.

Peace & Security

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The Gunda Werner Institute is particularly involved in a peace politics that is appropriate for gender and security policy, because until now this field has been largely male-dominated.


Torture and sexualized violence are part of everyday life in Syrian prisons. However, human rights violations committed by the Assad regime play no role at the Geneva peace talks. With this in mind, Barbara Unmüßig, calls for women to be included as peace negotiators.


The Danzer case is an example of European businesses working in conflict regions and profiting greatly from the brutal actions by the police, the army or paramilitary groups. Anna von Gall analyzes the international legal framework and urges Germany to pursue legislative clarification relating to due diligence requirements for foreign subsidiaries of European companies


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Europe continues to play an important role in the long quest for equal rights and emancipation. However, a lot of progress at the EU-level is realized neither on a local nor on a regional level.

On October 24th and 25th, Women In Development Europe+ (WIDE+) and the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) organized an international conference in Brussels to develop a feminist analysis for the political developments in Europe. The fincal conference statement calls for a repoliticization of feminist perspectives and for building alliances to counter the recent Backlash.

On 30 October 2015 - the European Commission has published an analysis report of the public consultation “Equality between women and men in the EU”, which ran between April and July this year. Find the executive Summary here

International Gender Politics

Liberian Women Honour President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in Thanksgiving Event. Creator: UN Photo/Staton Winter . All rights reserved.

Gender relations are defined and re-defined by constantly changing economic, social and political processes. International gender politics need to reflect the interdependence of state, economy and society.



Russia is known as a country with a high level of domestic violence. There is no official statistics available, while NGOs concerned with this issue face serious challenges. And now, the Russian legal system has de facto removed an essential protective barrier between assailant and his prey.


Discrimination in the healthcare system, exclusion from society, limited job opportunities - in South Caucasus LGBTI persons are still victim of discrimination and violation. An owerview of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

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