Briefing Report: Women in Thailand

Facts and figures about the situation of women in Thailand. An overview about: The political situation, education, alphabetization, women in political decision-making bodies and women on the labor market. By Dr. Sutada Mekrungruengkul

Giving India’s Women a Voice

The publisher Urvashi Butalia is a pioneer of feminist literature, women's oral history and chronicler of the women's movement in India. A portrait. By Sven Hansen

Heroines of the steppe – portraits of Mongolian women

Mongolian women traditionally had to fulfill a double role:  They built Jurten, learned to ride and graze the cattle, just like the men. Furthermore they had to do the housekeeping. They gave birth to several children without bigger rest periods in between. Therefore, they are seen as „heroines of the steppe“.

„Law in China is a sleeping Beauty“

Through her legal advice association the „Beijing Zhongze Women Legally Consultant & Service Centre“ the lawyer Guo Jianmei is committed to promoting women’s rights in China for over 15 years.

By Peer Junker

Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team

Indeed, women's sport is generally, at best, ignored in Pakistan, but 2010 proved to be a phenomenal year for the female cricket team of the country. At the Asia Games taken place in November 2010 in Guangzhou/China, the young women in their bright green jerseys won the gold medal for Pakistan. 

Video: Two Steps Forward

This film deals with the pakistani farmers movement, which began in 2000 in ten districts of the province Punjab. The film further looks at the important role women played during the protests. By Shirkat Gah – Women’s Resource Centre

Video: The Swollen Rivers

In the film "The Swollen Rivers", the attention is drawn in particular on the gender-specific aspects of the various problems the population had to deal with. Due to traditional patterns of conduct and role models in the Pakistani society, women were and still are especially affected by the events.

Radio Feature with a cambodian artist

The cambodian artist Buth Chan Anochea in a Radio Feature about her paintings on the exhibition “Hey sister, where are you going?” where ten female artists present their masterpieces, which express women in society.