A Global Gaze: The work of donor organizations for LGBTI-Rights in the Global South and East

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Cover of the Global Gaze Report - Cover photo courtesy of Blue Diamond Society.

The current Global Gaze Report provides an overview on how international donor organizations promote and financially support LGBTI organizations and projects in the Global South and East. It shows that the Heinrich Boell Foundation (hbs) by now earns international recognition for its intensive work in the field of LGBTI. For the first time, hbs was listed under the top ten promoters in the world. Furthermore the approach of the Heinrich Boell Foundation to integrate gender issues into all areas as a cross cutting issue was acknowledged as particularly effective. Due to the integrated discussion of other topics, the tolerance and respect for the LGBTI community can be strengthened. »read more

Author: Funders for LGBTQ Issues
Publisher: Funders for LGBTQ Issues
Publication Date: December 31, 2011
Download: A_Global_Gaze_2010.pdf

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