Announcement for doctoral scholarships

Doctoral scholarships: "Doctoral College in Intersectionality Studies. Transdisciplinary and power-critical research on social inequalities and intersectional solidarity"

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Funds from the Hans Böckler Foundation have been made available at the University of Bayreuth to establish the interdisciplinary "Doctoral College for Intersectionality Studies. Transdisciplinary and power-critical research on social inequalities and intersectional solidarity" (PK 053) in cooperation with the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg and the Philipps-
University Marburg. 12 doctoral scholarships are to be awarded for commencement of studies on December 1, 2022. The doctoral program is led by Prof. Dr. Susan Arndt.

The PhD program investigates how social inequalities are shaped by intersectional superimpositions of different power axes, and how these can be analyzed and changed. In doing so, a power-critical perspective focusing on the interactions of discrimination and privilege provides the central orientation. Research in the doctoral program brings together historical and current processes as well as different geographical spaces. The three-step process of analysis, intervention and communication as well as questions around labor and intersectional solidarity form a focal point.

The following research guiding questions are at the heart of the PhD program:

  1.  How can intersectional social inequalities be analyzed in a power-critical way and whichtheories are useful in this context?
  2. How and with which media can intersectional social inequalities be discussed in science, society, in trade union contexts or in social movements and in dialogue with them?
  3. How can acquired knowledge be translated into actions and strategies against intersectional social inequalities and for intersectional solidarity?
  4. How do intersectional social inequalities show up in the field of (wage) work, among workforces, union members or in the structures of unions themselves?

The PhD program guarantees a structured doctoral education that is flexible enough to adapt to the specific research needs of individual students. All doctoral students will be supervised by a four-member mentor board consisting of academics and actors in trade union or political work. The scholarship holders will actively participate in university life and receive a variety of opportunities for further academic qualification. In addition to academic qualification, the doctoral projects are intended to highlight the social relevance and concrete options for action in the field of intersectional inequalities.

For more information on the contents of the doctoral program, please visit:

The fellowships will be awarded from December 2022 for an initial period of two years. PhD students will receive funding currently set at €1,450/month (includes €1,350 basic stipend and a 100 € flat-rate research allowance). In addition, up to a €100 health insurance subsidy per month and, if applicable, family allowances, can be paid. The regular duration of the scholarships is a maximum of three years. In the case of documented additional according to the BMBF ancillary provisions, an extension beyond that period of time is possible. The award of doctoral scholarships is decided upon according to the guidelines of the BMBF and the selection criteria of the HBS. Applicants must have an above-average degree and a sociopolitical or trade union commitment.

Application procedure:

Please apply with the required documents and an exposé (max. 10 pages) outlining the planned project and placing it in the context of the research program of the doctoral college. Instructions from the HBS for the preparation of the exposé can be found here. A scientific report is not necessary at this stage. Please send the application by May 31, 2022 exclusively via the online application portal of the Hans Böckler Foundation. The application portal is available here and will be active up to and including May 31, 2022.

The selection of the funded scholarship holders* will be announced in November 2022. Please direct questions regarding the application process to For further questions, please contact Prof. Dr. Susan Arndt at, allowing sufficient time for a non-immediate response.