„We want the youth to have a voice“

Sok Sothea, a young Cambodian activist from the Youth Fellowship for Democracy reports on the situation of women and girls in Cambodia with regards to education, health and employment.

By Sok Sothea

Romani women can be brokers of change

At this year’s 59th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York, Martina Horváthová presented a report on the situation of Romani women in the Czech Republic.

By Martina Horváthová, Pavla Frýdlová

Young black women occupy spaces and change Brazilian reality

In Brazil, women of color face double discrimination because of their gender and skin color. Most often, they live in favelas - the slums of the poor at the cities' outskirts. Manoela Vianna reports about three women who fight for a change

By Manoela Vianna