A roadmap for a feminist internet policy


The public space of the internet is a far more hazardous place for women and LGBTI people than for other groups. We must defend and expand it as a free space.

By Francesca Schmidt

The website of the project “She is an expert” has been launched

Database with female experts

On March 14, 2019 Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Moscow have officially launched the website of the project “She is an expert”, which is a database with female experts from a variety of fields, from IT to cinema, gastronomy, and decolonial philosophy.

A feminist peace in Colombia?


The inclusion of a gender perspective in the Colombia's peace agreement: past, present, and future.

By Catalina Ruiz-Navarro

Canada’s feminist vision for the G7 and beyond


How to lobby the G7 countries to implement feminist policies? Canadian civil society organizations are pushing participation from the global south to highlight voices often not heard.

By Beth Woroniuk

Gender, sexuality, power

Introducing Al-Jumhuriya’s new “Gender, Sexuality, and Power” series, Karam Nachar outlines the intellectual and moral ethos of the initiative, and argues for the urgency of placing gender and sexuality at the center of the political conversation in the Middle East and beyond.

By Karam Nachar

For Whom The Bells Toll: Not for Feminists, or Civil Society!

Whose voices are represented in speeches and conferences about women's economic empowerment? As Priti Darooka reports on her experience at this year's W20 Summit in Berlin, there seems to be a disconnect between renowned business conference spaces and grassroots feminist discourses.

By Priti Darooka