Racial capitalism: hierarchies of belonging

Critics of "identity politics" and intersectionality see the naming of hierarchized difference as an act of divisiveness. We must be cautious of superficial multiculturalism and neo-nationalist and neoliberalist strategies demonizing difference. Intersectional theory and practice must acknowledge privileges as well as differences and make use of them.

By Dr. Fatima El-Tayeb

Ableism and intersectionality

A plea against multiple discrimination and for the active integration of people with disabilities/handicaps in feminism.

By Elena Chamorro

Introduction and foreword

"A truly intersectional feminism can reach everyone on the planet," K. Crenshaw is convinced. In the publication, activists, artists and researchers tell why and, above all, how Crenshaw continues to inspire them today.

By Dr. Ines Kappert, Dr. Emilia Roig


Barbara Unmüßig outlines what it means for a think tank like the Heinrich Böll Foundation to systematically include multiple discrimination in educational work and to think along with all realities of life.

By Barbara Unmüßig