The Gunda Werner Institute

The Gunda Werner Institute

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The GWI Team (from left to right): Christiane Bornstedt, Henning von Bargen, Christine Weiß, Gitti Hentschel, Francesca Schmidt and Susanne Diehr
Photo: Stephan Roehl - Some rights reserved

Working Hand in Hand

The Gunda Werner Institute for feminism and gender democracy is still a very young institute of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. It emerged from the former Feminist Institute and the Joint Taskforce for Gender Democracy at the Heinrich Boell Foundation, which were united in 2007. We merged to combine our forces, achieve new synergies and to develop new political perspectives together. more»

Together our work will be even more distinctive.

We want to

  • offensively politicise gender issues 
  • critically reflect feminist and gender democratic approaches
  • globally promote women's rights as human rights and participation
  • support and expand networks, enlarge a virtual knowledge portal
  • initiate discourses between science, politics and civil society
  • actively impart gender expertise by means of consulting