Film program for the conference

“One day with my friends” Documentary
It is a self-named project implemented by Peace Dialogue in Vanadzor. The project was aimed to make Vanadzor community youth interested in peace building. The goals of the project were to study the concerns and visions of Vanadzor youth towards their peers and problems in their community through their photos. Also to provide a space for Vanadzor youth for creative self-realization and their empowerment for further mobilization of their peers. The film is telling about the developments in the framework of this project.


Maysoon Pachachi:
Documetary by Maysoon Pachachi called: "Our Feelings Took Our Pictures"

The film documents a remarkable photography project; a group of women, from five cities in Iraq, live and work together in a traditional courtyard house in the Old City of the Syrian capital, Damascus.


Marika Griehsel:
"Women's War"
Documentation of the Swedish NGO "kvinna til kvinna" ("Women for women") to a project in the east Congo. Activists from former Yugoslavia pass on their experiences at activists from the east Congo and exchange to each other.


PeaceWomen Across the Globe:
Interviews by 1000 Peacewomean Across the globe.

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Coping with Crises, Ending Armed Conflict – Peace Promoting Strategies of Women and Men

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PeaceWomen Across the Globe & German Women's Security Council

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