Peace and Security for All

Peace and Security for All

Peace and Security for All
01. Mar 2010
Heinrich Boell Foundation
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Place of Publication: Berlin
Date of Publication: March 2010
Number of Pages: 80
License: CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0
ISBN: 978-3-86928-029-5

The strategies of international security policy have significantly changed since the end of the Cold War, as have the challenges posed by international terrorism and the increase of global inequality. In women's policy and feminist networks, interest in foreign and security policy ideas has also grown in recent years. Not least because of the commitment to and adoption of UN Resolution 1325, for the first time in the history of the United Nations a requirement was adopted, binding under international law, respecting the participation of women in decisions about war and peace. Finally: Armed conflicts are related to unjust gender relations.

In this publication the Gunda Werner Institute in the Heinrich Böll Foundation presents a detailed position paper to contribute to the international debate on peace and security policy. The paper is based on a 2006 discussion paper, which has been extensively up-dated and revised.

Table of contents:


1 War and Peace Have a Gender Dimension
Today’s Wars and Conflicts Require New Solutions
Violent Conflicts
Stereotyped Gender Images in War and Peace
Security Policy Is Gender Blind

2 Conflict Prevention
Fear, Security and Peace
Feminist Perspectives on Peace and Security
Feminist Dilemmas
Military and Gender in Conflict Management
Prevention Instead of Escalation

3 Security Architecture – Strengthen the UN and Promote “Engendering”
Security as the EU Understands It
Paradigm Shift in German Peace and Security Policy
The OSCE as a Model for Peace Policies

4 R equirements
Interventions Abroad Must Take Account of Gender
Dealing with Differences Peacefully – Feminist Ways to Peace
Strengthening International Law and International Peace Norms
Overcoming a Culture of Violence

5 Summary Requirements for All Levels of Peace and Security Policy
Basic Demands for Foreign and Security Policy
Measures Required in Crisis, Conflict, and Postwar Regions
Demands That Must Be Implemented in the United Nations Reform Process
The Following Must Be Implemented on the EU Level
The Following Must Be Done in Germany