Our unique journey to implement UNSCR Resolution 1325 in Israel

Last December, the Israeli Government decided to establish a governmental committee to create a National Action Plan in the spirit  of UN Security Council Resolution 1325. The resolution calls on UN member states to protect women from violence, increase the participation of diverse women in decision-making bodies, and for the prevention of armed conflict. This video and the text that follows tells the story of the journey of civil society NGOs to create an Action Plan for Israel.


Our journey to implement UNSCR Resolution 1325 in Israel - ItachMaaki

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Despite its ongoing and complex conflict, Israel was the first country to adopt a part of UN Security Council resolution 1325, by amending the Equality of Women's Rights Law in 2005. For the first time, a law recognized the duty to ensure proper representation of women from diverse populations in every public committee appointed by the government including issues of foreign policy, security and peace negotiations.

Despite the law’s progressive nature, its success was hindered by poor government implementation. Thus, since 2008, Itach-Maaki Women Lawyers for Social Justice, with the continuous support of the Heinrich Boell Foundation’s Israel office, appealed to the Israeli High Court of Justice against governmental agencies who failed to act in accordance with the law. A dramatic breakthrough occurred when the high court ordered the government to integrate women into the Turkel Committee (established to examine the 2010 Turkish Flotilla Incident) due to Itach-Maaki’s appeal.

The seven legal claims that Itach-Maaki has submitted to the High Court of Justice significantly increased the representation of diverse women in public bodies. However, it soon became evident that in order to completely fulfill 1325’s potential, a comprehensive and detailed National Action Plan would be necessary.

Since 2012, the organizations Itach-Maaki, WIPS and Anu came together and created a unique forum aimed at creating an action plan for the implementation of 1325 in Israel. Comprised of more than 35 women's organizations the forum deliberated the Israeli concept of security, and composed together a comprehensive Action Plan. The plan consists of dozens of proposals for actions in order to achieve five overall objectives:

  1. Equal representation of women from all sectors of society in decision-making bodies.
  2. Gender mainstreaming in all decision-making bodies and processes, at both the national and municipal levels.
  3. Protection of women of all age/social groups from all forms of violence in the public and private spheres, particularly in times of conflict.
  4. Prevention of violent conflicts and confronting racism
  5. Advancement of the Comprehensive Action Plan and implementation of 1325 Resolution in all government ministries and agencies.

In December 2014, the Israeli government decided to create a National Action Plan to advance gender equality in Israel, a decision which reflects our fruit-bearing efforts.

This video tells the story of our journey in creating an Action Plan for Israel.

For further information please contact us: Adv. Netta Loevy - mail@itach.org.il