Call to defend sexual and reproductive health and rights in Poland

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During the ongoing corona crisis, sexual and reproductive health and rights face enormous hurdles worldwide. Poland has one of the strictest regulations on abortion in Europe (allowed when protecting women's lives, rape, incest or severe fetal abnormality). Almost all abortions in Poland are performed in practice due to fetal abnormality and now this is also to be banned. A ban on sexual education is also to be enforced, which will affect schools, information and activism on the internet and even doctors who are not allowed to prescribe contraceptives to underaged youths. Members of the European Parliament have now sent a joint letter (PDF to the Polish government calling for the rejection of the draft laws.

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#SolidarityWithPolishWomen #FalaSprzeciwu #CzarnyProstest #PiekloKobiet #StrajkKobiet #WomensStrike #mamyDOSC #EnoughIsEnough! #ratujmykobiety