A glimpse into the un-mothering the Woman Campaign

In many African cultures, motherhood is not honored by others; instead, it is seen as a type of duty the woman must perform. The duty is not solely becoming a mother and having children, but also the correct upbringing of the baby in order for it to grow in the community. At the very base of our society’s definition, mothering includes the act of birthing and raising children.

I am hoping you will help us start this dialogue, share our conversations and be part of this story telling.

Amina Jasho (Un-mothering the Woman Project partner)

What has your version of being a mother been? Or maybe you are not a mother and never even wanted to be one. Why has African society been so complicit in shaping women's identities via stereotypes and imagery? Why have mothers been shown as possessing a super blend of unconditional love, sacrifice, patience and strength? #InUnmothering the Woman, we are attempting to answer these questions by creating a safe space for women to talk about the challenges of mothering, creating our own maternal anecdotes that will allow us to challenge patriarchal regulation of women’s identity. By sharing our stories with other women, we hope you will engage with us via our social channels to continue this discussion. #UnmotheringTheWoman

#UnmotheringTheWoman- Project Introduction - Hbs Nairobi

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Caroline Kioko- Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Programme Coordinator, Gender Democracy

#UnmotheringTheWoman - Project Introduction - Hbs Nairobi

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Amina Jasho- Un-mothering the Woman Project Partner

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