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Results protocolls of the workshops

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Workshop 1: Israel/Palestine
1325 and the cross-boarder cooperation of women’s groups

Zahira Kamal, Minister of Women's Affairs, Palestine
Anat Saragusti, Journalist, Director of Agenda, Member of IWC, Israel


Workshop 2: Liberia
1325 and the creation of a female police unit
Rebecca Stubblefield, Medica Mondiale, Liberia


Workshop 3: Afghanistan
1325 and the fight contra violence against women

Soraya Sobhrang, Commissioner for Women's rights at the Independent Afghan Human Rights Commission, Afghanistan
Kamela Faizyar, Women and Children Legal Research Foundation, Afghanistan

Workshop 4: Caucasus
1325 and the transnational cooperation of civil society

Marina Grasse, OWEN, Mobile Academy for Gender Democracy and Peacebuilding, Berlin
Edgar Khachatryan, Omnibus 1325 Project, Armenia


Workshop 5: Irak
1325 and the reorganisation of the state after the intervention

Hanaa Edwar Busha, ASUDA und Amal Association, Irak

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Coping with Crises, Ending Armed Conflict – Peace Promoting Strategies of Women and Men

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