Anat Saragusti
Journalist, Publicist, Lawyer

Executive Director of Agenda, a non-profit organization in Israel Anat Saragusti works as Executive Director of Agenda, a non-profit organization providing media services to social change organizations in Israel. She is a lecturer on media, and active in organizations for human rights. Anat Saragusti is a board member of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, a founding member of Women Lawyers for Social Justice, a founding member of the International Women Commission for Just and sustainable Peace between Israel and the Palestinians. From 1978 to 1980 she studied still photography at the Hadassah College in Jerusalem. Upon graduation she joined the weekly news magazine Ha'olam Hazeh (“This World”) working as a photojournalist until it was closed in 1993. Throughout her work she was prominent in covering major, social and political events in Israel and the region. In 1986 she displayed her works at the Israeli Biennale for Photography at the Museum of Art, in Ein Harod. With the closing of Ha'olam Hazeh, Saragusti joined the group that established the TV Channel 2 News Company (the first commercial TV channel in Israel) and was appointed its reporter in Gaza where she was posted for two years. In the mid-1990's she became the editor of news and current affairs for Channel 2 News and was the chief editor of its daily evening news edition and "Ulpan Shishi", the prestigious Friday night news magazine. Concurrently, she studied Law and attained a master's degree from Tel Aviv University. In 2001 Saragusti was awarded the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship and lived in the U.S. for a year, where she covered the historic events of September 11th. Upon returning to Israel she focused on directing documentaries for Channel 2 News. In 2007 she moved to the town of Sderot where she shot a short diary-film, and in 2008 she finished directing Citizen Aloni, a documentary film that tells the life story and political activities of Shulamit Aloni, one of Israel's most prominent contemporary women. At the end of 2008 Saragusti left television and was appointed executive director of Agenda.