Derya Binışık
Advisor Gunda-Werner-Institute
Derya Binışık

I am a political scientist, activist and filmmaker. I completed my studies in Berlin, Frankfurt Oder, Edinburgh and Bogotá with a master thesis on subjectification processes and resistance practices in the Colombian (post) conflict. So far, my main focus has been on political education, especially in the area of ​​awareness raising and empowerment. In my activism and research I look for theories and strategies of a domination-free and feminist future. I am interested in critical voices, practices and visions of people, whose knowledge and experiences are ignored, appropriated or suppressed.

At the Gunda Werner Institute I am an advisor for sexual self-determination and reproductive justice. My goal is a society that enables all people to decide for themselves about their own bodies and family planning. I want to bundle the struggles for self-determination and health of women and queers in science, politics and activism and bring them together in a critical exchange. For this an intersectional perspective, which also considers the interplay of positions of power, multiple discrimination and affiliations, is an integral part of my work.

I am currently studying to become a documentary director, at the self-organized film school Filmarche and I am developing workshops with an educational collective to make classism visible in Germany.


Phone: +49 - (0)30 - 285 34-123