Franziska Schutzbach
e.g. sociologist, gender researcher

Franziska Schutzbach (Dr.des.) is a sociologist and gender researcher. She did her doctorate on the subject of „Population politics, gender and health. The example of the World Health Organization.“ at the Graduate School of Social Sciences at the University of Basel. Further research focuses on anti-feminism and anti-gender mobilizations (especially in Switzerland) as well as right-wing populist discourse strategies. Franziska Schutzbach is co-editor of the online magazine "Geschichte der Gegenwart" (History of the Present). She also teaches at various universities (Basel, Berlin, Munich) and is an author, blogger and feminist activist. She has launched the #SchweizerAufschrei (swiss outcry), is on the board of Terre des Femmes Switzerland and is a member of the Basel-Stadt Equality Commission.

Her book: Die Rhetorik der Rechten. Rechtspopulistische Diskursstrategien im Überblick. Xanthippe Verlag, has recently been published: