Soraya Sobhrang
Commissioner for Women's Rights at the Afghanistan Independent

Soraya Rahim Sobhrang was born in Hirat. After her secondary education, she completed her higher education in the faculty of medicines, Kabul University. She worked with the Aliabad and Malalai Zezhanton hospital and then migrated to Germany.
Dr. Sobhrang completed training courses in the fields of management, women rights development, gender and psychology in Hamburg, Germany and in 1981 of solar calendar she returned to her homeland and started with the Ministry of women affairs as technical and political deputy minister.
In 1984, she worked as an advisor for the women’s rights protection and development unit of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, where later on, in Dalw, 1985 she was selected as a Commissioner. Besides having membership in national and international societies, Dr. Sobhrang has participated in international conferences in more than eleven European and Asian countries.
Dr. Sobhrang, who, as a Commissioner is now in charge of women rights protection and development, is making effort to give emphasis to the following issues: the nature and form of women human rights violation should be monitored, serious attention should be paid to the elimination of all forms of violence against women, women should achieve the right to get access to justice and judicial organs, institutions and networks should be established to advocate women’s rights.