Innocence under fire

Sexual violence against girls and boys within the context of armed conflict - Report on an expert panel and film screening from December 10, 2013


By Nicola Popovic

No longer silent

Through six testimonies of women abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), ‘No Longer Silent’ highlights their experience in returning to their communities and rebuilding their lives. Access to housing and land, as well as food security and the desire for their children to receive an education, are amongst their primary challenges and concerns. The documentary exposes the shortcomings of the current Peace, Recovery and Development Plan of the Ugandan Government which has to date not included women as beneficiaries in the reconstruction programmes.

"Getting out"

Spotlights the realities which LGBTIs are confronted to in Africa.

By Refugee Law Project

"Gender against men"

Analyzes armed conflicts in Africa. In 2009 the Documentation won the prize for "best Documentation" at the Kenya International Film Festival.

By Refugee Law Project