Transitional Justice – an instrument against wartime sexualised violence?

Expert Talk: Transitional Justice

Transitional Justice - Strategies for conflict management and reconciliation

In recent years, concepts of Transitional Justice have been becoming increasingly important in the context of coming to terms with societies’ past conflicts. The aim is to achieve reconciliation or at least an improvement in relations between the parties that were involved in the conflict, and to find a way for an often divided society to find peaceful forms of coexistence and thus prevent future conflicts.

By Gitti Hentschel

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Violent Conflicts and Conflict Prevention

The background of violent conflicts and wars is multifaceted. Yet, an essential factor is often disregarded in the cause analysis: gender-political dynamics. However, looking at the power relations between women and men is also important to understand how crises and wars develop, how they can be prevented and how lasting peace can be achieved. Peace is more than the absence of war. A gender-equitable and non-violent society cannot be realized through the military but through civil society forms of conflict regulation, mainly through prevention. The gender issue plays a decisive role in this process.