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Created by the European Institute for Gender Equality, this Gender Glossary and Thesaurus provides a helpful overview of issues and terms concerning gender democracy.

Many Worlds, Many Nets, Many Visions


The collection makes space for voiced that are marginalized and largly invisible in the internet. The authors look at discrimination and hierarchical structures in the internet and make suggestions for a more emancipated and antidiscriminatory approach.

Peace & Security

Towards Gender Sensitive Media Coverage of Violence Against Women and Femicide/Feminicide

Young People Do Not Register a Slap Across the Face as Violence


Women and Revolution: The Protests in 1969 After Entering the Period of "Normalization" in Czechoslovakia


Stories that reveal pain - #ISpeakUp movement in North Macedonia

From weirdoes to political actors - the journey of Slovak gender ideology rhetoric

Feminism & Gender Democracy

young people talking

Youth voices in Internet Governance – visibility beyond tokenism?

"denied" stamp on paper

The Portals to the World are Locked for Millions

sticker "post no hate"

Effective legal protection against hate speech online as anti-discrimination measure