Announcement: Anne Klein Women’s Award 2019

With its Anne Klein Women’s Award, the Heinrich Böll Foundation honours women who courageously and perseveringly advocate human rights, equality and sexual self-determination. The award ceremony will be held in Berlin on March 1, 2019.


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Die GWI-News rund um Feminismus & Geschlechterdemokratie.

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Created by the European Institute for Gender Equality, this Gender Glossary and Thesaurus provides a helpful overview of issues and terms concerning gender democracy.

GWI Publications

Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Women’s bodies have regularly been – and still are – the central target of conservative and fundamentalist ideology and praxis. This essay provides analytical background information for critical and controversial debates and motivation to explore political intervention.

Roadmap to 1325

The UN resolution 1325 It could be a milestone for gender-equitable security policy. This volume contributes to filling the gap in knowledge about approaches both to gender-sensitive peace and security policy.

International Gender Politics

Trans, intersex, queer: Germany’s highest court makes groundbreaking ruling

The German Federal Constitutional Court has ordered the legislature to provide a third gender option beside male or female in the country’s birth registry – or else do away altogether with information on gender in civil status. This puts Germany in a position to play a leading role in Europe on this issue.

By Leo Yannick Wild

No Greens no Love?

The outcome of the legislative elections in Austria will have repercussions on different levels. A look both into the national and European level unveils what is at stake for LGBTI rights.

By Alast Najafi, David Scharpf

Dossier: Beijing+20

Claiming back the F Word: Feminism and Women’s Glossy Magazines

Women’s magazines have long faced critique for their often narrow and conceptualized portrayal of women and the impact that this has on the consumer. In their paper, Joy Watson and Claudia Lopes explore both harmful and emancipatory  aspects of women's magazines over different periods in time.

By Joy Watson, Claudia Lopes

The Feminist Moment

 Black-and-white photograph depicting the group meeting at the LAZ, Kulmerstraße, Berlin-Schöneberg, 1975. Pictured on the right is a person standing behind a bar. On the left of the picture, a group of people sits together. Just behind the group on the wall is a large painting of a clenched fist--a common symbol of feminist, leftist activist groups.On July 6, 2018, the "Schwules Museum" in Berlin celebrated the opening of a new exhibition titled "Radical - Lesbian - Feminist." 2018 marks the Year of Women*, in which the Museum--known for its extensive archive of gay history in the German capital--has diversified its thematic content in efforts to increase the visibility of lesbian history. With an array of archival documents, photographs, and recordings, the exhibition is the first of its kind to provide a historical overview of the beginnings of the HAW Women's Group ("Homosexuelle Aktion Westberlin") and LAZ ("Lesbisches Aktionszentrum"), as well as feminist activism and network-building in West Germany in the 1970s. The curators hope to bridge the political relevance of past lesbian activist groups with contemporary lesbian, feminist initiatives. The exhibition runs until November 6, 2018. Pictured: Group meeting at the LAZ, Kulmerstrasse, Berlin-Schöneberg, 1975 — Creator: LAZ Archiv. All rights reserved.