Publications of the Former Feminist Institute

Publications of the Former Feminist Institute

Women and Security: Do we need a World Women's Security Council?

Documentation of a conference by Ute Kätzel and Ute Scheub
Published by the former Feminist Institute of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, developed by Ute Kätzel and Ute Scheub, Berlin 2002
Publication Series of the Feminist Institute Vol. 4 und 5, Berlin 2002
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Intervening in Cases of Domestic Violence II

Europäische Erfahrungen bei der Verbesserung von Hilfeangeboten für Frauen, die von Gewalt betroffen sind. Documentation of the "Fachtagung zu Interventionszentralen im Europäischen Raum" on November 23, 2003 in Berlin
Published by the Senatsverwaltung f. Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Frauen, Abt. Frauenpolitik in cooperation with the former Feminist Institute of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin 2004
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Frieden - Gewalt - Geschlecht

(includes essays in English)
Friedens- und Geschlechterforschung als Konfliktforschung
Reihe Frieden und Krieg. Beiträge zur Historischen Friedensforschung Band 5
By Jennifer A. Davy, Karen Hagemann and Ute Kätzel in cooperation with the former Feminist Institute of the Heinrich Böll Foundation
Published by Klartext Verlag Essen, 2005
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Sophia's Place

Experiences Running The First Battered Women's Shelter In Nigeria.

By Lydia Umar, foreword by Gitti Hentschel. Published by Project Alert on Violence Against Women with support from the Heinrich Boell Foundation Nigeria Lagos, 2006.

Available in bookstores under ISBN 978-35924-1-6

Gunda Werner Institute

Feminism and gender democracy are an all-encompassing shared task of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. The Gunda Werner Institute in the Heinrich Böll Foundation (GWI) combines gender political questions and furthers the debate about feminism and gender democracy.


Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Women’s bodies have regularly been – and still are – the central target of conservative and fundamentalist ideology and praxis. This essay provides analytical background information for critical and controversial debates and motivation to explore political intervention.

Gender, Scientificness and Ideology


Who uses the term "gender" is often confronted with the charge of a principal unscientific. The brochure follows this allegation and provides you with arguments for such disputes.

Transitional Justice

In post-war periods and in the aftermath of serious, systematic human rights violations, gender-based forms of violence are usually forgotten during the processing of the past and reconciliation phase. This study details these problems and presents the resulting challenges facing politicians and society.

Human Security = Women’s Security?


No sustainable security policy without a gender perspective. Documentation of a conference of the Feminist Institute and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in cooperation with the Women's Security Council on October 24-25, 2003 in Berlin. Publication Series of the Gunda Werner Institute, Vol. 2, second edition, Berlin 2007.