The life of men in the North Caucasus


In 2016, with the support of the Heinrich Boell Foundation and the international center Free Happy People, a group of researchers investigated problems and beliefs of men living in four Russian republics: Chechnya, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria and Ingushetia.

Dargins of the Karshli village
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Dargins of the Karshli village

A total of around 800 questionnaires and 80 problem-oriented interviews were collected in these republics. The sample selection sought to equally represent men of different ages, marital status and education. The survey was conducted by employees of the North Caucasus NGOs and educational institutions using face-to-face interviews at informants’ places of residence, workplaces and during their leisure time.

The research focused on a number of issues regarding men’s lives in the republics: the respondents were asked about problems and hardships they face, their life priorities and values, living conditions and leisure time, marital status, family life and so on. The section of the questionnaire about family and personal life included questions on some local practices, such as polygamous marriages and “honor crimes”. The researchers also enquired about hardships men face in the North Caucasus and spheres they want to see changes in; their opinions, beliefs and opportunities that are available for men’s personal fulfilment. A unit in the questionnaire was devoted to the problem of violence: possible motives for physical and psychological violence were discussed, as well as men’s personal experience of manifestation of violence and the ways it is legitimated.

The results enable us to understand the social environment that men live in, as well as their attitudes towards problems they face in the North Caucasus. The report contains links to the detailed data provided in the presentation.

Report on the research results

Presentation of the research results