Cover: Francesca Schmidt: Netzpolitik. Eine feministische Einführung

Francesca Schmidt is drafting a new social contract for the digital sphere. Drawing on two core thematic and discursive areas, “Digital Violence” and “Surveillance versus the Private Sphere”, she outlines what a gender-equal digital world might look like. In the process, she provides a historical context through references to discussions dating back to the 1980s and 1990s, especially in the context of cyberfeminism.
A digital policy for and within the digital society is subject to constant transformation. This nascent policy area has, thus far, lacked deeper feminist analyses in order for this transformation process to take place. This initial introduction describes one way of plugging this gap. Developmental lines, findings, and standpoints that have been propounded thus far are consolidated as a means of developing appropriate visions and perspectives.

Unfortunately, the book is currently only available in German!


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