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Reproductive Justice - An Introduction

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Whether, how and with whom we have children is a very intimate question, but also one of social justice. The brochure introduces the activist concept of Reproductive Justice as developed by Black feminists in the 1990s in the U.S. and transfers it to struggles for reproductive self-determination and equitable distribution of resources today in Germany.

The following initiatives and associations were involved in the creation of the brochure: Bundesverband Trans*, Doctors for Choice Germany, Gen-ethisches Netzwerk e.V., Gunda-Werner-Institut in der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V., La Casita, Netzwerk Reproduktive Gerechtigkeit, Ni una Menos Berlin, Space2groW, Frauenkreise Berlin, Respect Berlin and RomaniPhen e.V..

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Date of Publication
August 2023
Gunda-Werner-Institut in der Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung
Number of Pages
Language of publication
ISBN 978-3-86928-257-2
Table of contents
  • Introduction Reproductive … what?! 4
    • The history of reproductive oppression 5
    • Who should have children, and who shouldn’t? 6
    • More than “pro-choice” 7
  • The decision to have children 12
    • Racial exclusions 14
    • Whose children are wanted? 14
    • Ableist exclusions 15
    • Anti-queer exclusions 17
    • Equal rights for parents 18
  • The decision not to have children 20
    • Abortions 22
    • Contraceptives for all? 25
    • Sex education 26
    • The right to desire and pleasure 26
    • From privilege to right 27
  • Living with children 28
    • Children’s rights 29
    • Political struggles for self-determined parenthood 30
    • Who can afford children? 32
    • Good conditions for parenting 33
  • Making reproductive justice a reality – but how? 34
  • A selection of reproductive justice initiatives 38
  • Glossary 42
  • Sources, further reading, endnotes 48
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