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Antifeminism means fighting or rejecting feminist concerns and positions across the board, actively and often in an organized manner, be it as an individual in Internet discussions, be it in parties or other groups. Antifeminism is a central way of thinking and ideology in right-wing populism, the extreme right and other anti-democratic phenomena. It acts as a bridge to the center of society and contributes, among other things: to normalize right-wing and anti-diversity attitudes, attitudes and resentments. In doing so, it weakens social cohesion and undermines democracy.

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Attack on democracy? Anti-Gender-Movements in Europe


Anti-Gender Movements on the Rise?

The concept of "gender backlash" encompasses too activities pursued by a multitude of different local initiatives all over Central and Eastern Europe, which strongly promote tradition over equality. In many cases these groups appear to be backed and inspired both by influential US-American “pro life” organisations as well as the Kremlin’s "Gay-rope" propaganda, which aims to discredit the European Union as a place of moral decline.
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Gender, Scientificness and Ideology

Who uses the term "gender" is often confronted with the charge of a principal unscientific. The brochure follows this allegation and provides you with arguments for such disputes.
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