For a Europe of Citizens and Female Citizens

Europe continues to play an important role in the long quest for equal rights and emancipation. The politics of the European Union (EU) strongly influences advanced regulations in individual-member countries. However, a lot of progress at the EU-level is realized neither on a local nor on a regional level. In some instances, such progress is simply ignored. Can one succeed in further developing trendsetting, gender-political initatives in the EU? Or, will the alliance of conservative forces gain more weight in European politics.

The Gunda Werner Institute analyzes the politics of the European Union and its member countries from a gender-democratic and feminist perspective, and ultimately, devises emancipatory gender-political strategies.


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Anti-Gender Movements on the Rise?

The concept of "gender backlash" encompasses too activities pursued by a multitude of different local initiatives all over Central and Eastern Europe, which strongly promote tradition over equality. In many cases these groups appear to be backed and inspired both by influential US-American “pro life” organisations as well as the Kremlin’s "Gay-rope" propaganda, which aims to discredit the European Union as a place of moral decline.

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Attack on democracy? Anti-Gender-Movements in Europe

Dossier: Europe – a Gender Equality Project?

Equality and Gender in Europe - A critical analysis